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It’s summer knitting time…

The arrival of Summer Solstice on Thursday and I'm now on a summer break. I need some downtime to chillax and work on a few projects ... DKC Knitalong It's never too late to take on the new spin on the DKC knit along. A bit of pre-planning by creating your own shawl/sock/sweater kits to… Continue reading It’s summer knitting time…

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1 square + 3 knots = a project bag

I collect stuff and things and it tends to accumulate into clutter . I describe myself as a pack rat -hoarder. After a while, I get the urge to declutter quick and fast by tossing things in the trash. Then start the process once again. This wasteful cycle has to stop now. This is not… Continue reading 1 square + 3 knots = a project bag