Queen of Yarnia

Stitching with love…

social knitworking: I am spending way too much time on the social networks instead of knitting There are online forums and discussion threads that debate and rant about any topic, whereby I get sucked into the toxic drama. Then realise I've accomplished nothing in that last hour. An hour that I can never get back.… Continue reading Stitching with love…

Knit Knotes

Show off those FOs

Over the years, I've met many knitters at my favourite local yarn shops, SnBs, workshops and fibre/knitting events. Amusing enough (because this is Ireland), I've bumped into several friendly faces while walking down a street in Cork, Dublin or Waterford. I've always noticed the handknits - a hat, shawl, cardigan or a pair of mittens. … Continue reading Show off those FOs