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Stitching with love…

social knitworking: I am spending way too much time on the social networks instead of knitting There are online forums and discussion threads that debate and rant about any topic, whereby I get sucked into the toxic drama. Then realise I've accomplished nothing in that last hour. An hour that I can never get back.… Continue reading Stitching with love…

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Knit Culture Night 18.09.2015 @ 1800h

I am delighted to announce The Constant Knitter will be participating in this year's Dublin Culture Night on Friday 18th September from 6pm to 9pm. LYS proprietor, Rosemary Murphy has organised mini-workshops and demonstrations in crewel embroidery and wet felting. Also invited to partake in the festivities is yours truly, in the Studio above the… Continue reading Knit Culture Night 18.09.2015 @ 1800h