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Meeting the Knitters @ Nutgrove

If you haven't heard by now, Dublin has a very active knit social. There are knitting groups all over Dublin meeting almost every day of the week. A fair number slip by my radar, and are not all listed on the Knitworking Page. In the early years of the Dublin Knit Collective, I often attended… Continue reading Meeting the Knitters @ Nutgrove

Knit Knotes

The Blooming Bunting Project

Blooming Bunting, is an experimental venture; trusting in community spirit and inspired by a belief that everything we do has an impact on our environment, Blooming Bunting has invited The Dublin Knit Collective to participate and help create the Hanging Gardens of Dublin, as part of Bloom Fringe 2015. The intention for Blooming Bunting is… Continue reading The Blooming Bunting Project

Knit Knotes


A new social knitting group is starting up at Winnie's Craft Cafe in Booterstown, this coming Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm and every Wednesday evening after that. Join in and get to know like minded knitters.