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Meeting the Knitters @ Nutgrove

If you haven’t heard by now, Dublin has a very active knit social. There are knitting groups all over Dublin meeting almost every day of the week. A fair number slip by my radar, and are not all listed on the Knitworking Page.

In the early years of the Dublin Knit Collective, I often attended the different knitting groups in Dublin. I remember taking photos of knitters with their wips and FO with my point and shoot digital camera, then going home to upload the photos on my computer then writing a blogpost. This was in 2007!

Fast forward to 2015, and the DKC keeps touch with knitting groups through social media without leaving the comforts of Knitting HQ.

Now that, I am creatively Filofaxing and planning my schedule on paper I am more organised with my time and able to plan on getting out there to meet knitters face to face.


My first autumn outing was to a knitting group in Rathfarnham. It was started by one of my lovely knitterly friends, Anne. It’s humble beginnings started at the Ballyroan Community Centre, moved on to the Cafe in the Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club and now has found a home at Costa Coffee in Nutgrove, Rathfarnham and what a lovely knitting venue this makes… I am so jealous of the natural light, sunshine and panoramic windows with a great view of the Dublin Mountains!

I immediately noticed how their enthusiasm and passion for knitting feeds off one another and I quickly spread to my creative spirit. These ladies have been knitting Stephen West’s Color Craving, a shawl with an interesting shape and with the right colour combination, would make an amazing fashion accessory.

I would love to return to this knitting group and see these wips become FOs by:

siberianwhite, harveykate and paulineOS




This group of experienced knitters are serious about their knitting and luxury yarns, there definitely was no acrylic here on that Friday. I love how yarn snobbery is the underlying drive of knitting these beautiful FOs these ladies showed off and modelled for me.



Yarn snobs are knitters who quite simply have excellent taste and exacting standards when creating beautiful knitwear.


The Blooming Bunting Project


Blooming Bunting, is an experimental venture; trusting in community spirit and inspired by a belief that everything we do has an impact on our environment, Blooming Bunting has invited The Dublin Knit Collective to participate and help create the Hanging Gardens of Dublin, as part of Bloom Fringe 2015.

The intention for Blooming Bunting is to unite communities, by providing a platform: and presenting a project that everyone can take-part in. Blooming Bunting believes in building a true connection between ‘Human-Nature’. It celebrates biodiversity, sustainability, creativity and community spirit.

More about the project:

The Dublin Knit Collective is putting a call out, and asking knitters, crocheters and other fiberistas to join in and create a garden inspired item that will be included in a Nature Inspired Bunting to help turn a dreary lane at Dublin Castle into a bunting filled, nature inspired hanging garden.

I am looking for donations of a handknit/crocheted flower, flowers, leaves, bees, trees, fruits….basically anything you would find in garden.

I need your item(s) before or by Saturday 23rd May. It’s a short lead in time I know, but nothing is impossible, and I do believe in miracles!

This is Knit and The Constant Knitter are our City Centre Drop Off Depots or please contact me if your wish to post it.

The Blooming Bunting organisers aim to have the garden hung by Thursday 28th May, so its up and ready for people to enjoy during the BloomFringe. It’s a short lead in time I know, but nothings impossible…and I do believe in miracles!

I really hope you can join us! It would be an honour to have such creative and inspiring people involved! This project is for everyone! Without participation this project / hanging garden will not be able to grow.


Meet us face to face…SnBs

I am proud to say that Dublin’s knitting scene  has been a flurry of activity.

Our  Christmas countdown has begun over on Twitter with 60 knitting days until the 25th December : )

The Dublin Knit Collective wants to be an enabler and cheer you on, whether you are knitting gifts for your family and friends or just for yourself.

Don’t be shy…

Come on out and join any one of the many knitting meet ups in Dublin. Take a look at our Knit in the City page and show up at any of the venues listed.

Here is a glimpse of that is to come in the next few days:

Thursdays @ The Brooks Hotel…The knitters start arriving from 6pm on, the tables will be grouped together as the knitters trickle throughout the evening

This Friday is Fibre Fun Friday @ The Tea Garden. Knit, crochet, spin, sew…and enjoy a pot of posh tea

Saturdays @ Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge is the venue for the original City Centre SnB.  We love the comfy chairs and sofas…join the knitters from 12 to 2pm

We post our updates on Twitter and Ravelry.  Not  on Twitter? You can see our updates on the right hand side of this website.

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HandmAid Craft Day: Saturday 3rd September 2011

HandmAid Craft Day is a fundraising event in aid of the famine in the horn of Africa. Saturday 3rd September 2011 will be a day of craft classes, a market stall of handmade crafts, yarn, and “”knit working” a.k.a. stitch n bitch.

This collaborative effort is being organized and facilitated by two Dublin based knitters. They have been tweeting updates on Twitter as @handmAidcraft. They’ve recruited fabulous teachers for classes in the morning and afternoon of Saturday 3rd September. Check out the website for a class that interests you. €10 per class is a good deal to learn a new technique or craft, with all materials provided.

Shop at the marketplace of handmade craft items and re-saleable stash yarn donated by generous knitters/crocheters and handcrafters.

Also, big part of the day will be the gigantico of a stitch n bitch! There will be beanbags, a fireplace, tea, coffee and cake – all the essentials of a SnB : )

100% of the money we raise will go to the Oxfam appeal for the famine.

HandmAid Craft Day, in aid of famine in the Horn of Africa
Date: Saturday 3rd September 2011
Venue: Damer Hall, Stephen’s Green, Dublin



A new social knitting group is starting up at Winnie’s Craft Cafe in Booterstown, this coming Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm and every Wednesday evening after that. Join in and get to know like minded knitters.


it is all about knitting & etc…

The DKC is ever so grateful to kneehigh and her camera for sending us these photos of the Wednesday morning SnB group in Powerscourt.

knitting for babies

you gotta luv the disagree t-shirt


Lovely handknit sweater on this knitter as she knits another

this is why knitters knit socks, aren’t they pretty?

and for the etc.

If you would like your knitting group to be featured in the DKC, please send your pics to:


unscheduled knit in the city…

Today’s knit in the city was unplanned and unscheduled. It started as a DKC tweet which developed into  a couple of hours of knitting at the IFI Cafe.

Take a look at what a few of the Dublin knitters are knitting…

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SnB at The Chocolate Bar…

The Chocolate Bar is a knitting friendly venue for Dublin knitters to gather for an evening of SnBing

The Chocolate Bar invited the Dublin Knit Collective to it’s first SnB…

I think we’ll be back…


a new knitting year…

kneehigh , unofficial photographer of the Wednesday morning SnB group, submitted the first SnB photos of  2010.


Knit in the City: fibre fun fridays…

The Fibre Fun Fridays Group meet at The Tea Garden

For those of you who will be joining us for the first time this Friday, we have directions from Dublin’s City Hall on Dame Street…

Dublin City Hall

Visualise yourself with your back towards City Hall on Dame Street, directly in front of you is Parliament Street…

Walk along Parliament Street towards the Liffey River…

cross Welllington Quay…

Follow the green bridge over the Liffey River…

as you walk along the bridge, you will see the Ha’Penny Bridge to your right…

if you look over your right shoulder, you will see The Clarence Hotel, which is owned by U2’s Bono and The Edge…
Clarence Hotel

Once you’ve crossed the bridge,

cross the road which is Lower Ormond Quay and head to your right  and you will see, a bright green storefront…

Walk down the stairs…

and you’ll find the entrance to this little gem of paradise called The Tea Garden…