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Hello Dublin Knitters!

​On this day in 2007, The Dublin Knit Collective first appeared in the blogsphere. Check out The DKC's first blogpost. Blogging about the Dublin Knit scene was very different ten years ago. I captured photos with a point and shoot camera. My pics were au naturale and not carefully staged with props. Then, I went… Continue reading Hello Dublin Knitters!

Knit Knotes

Knit ‘n Knatter with Cat Bordhi

Cat Bordhi, author of several knitting books and innovative knitter who gave us the unique moebius cast on, is coming to The Constant Knitter. LYS (local yarn shop) proprietor, Rosemary Murphy is calling on the Dublin Knit Collective to do what we do best... Knitworking! So, join us at our special knit and knatter with… Continue reading Knit ‘n Knatter with Cat Bordhi

Knit Knotes

Socially Knitting

Knitters are gathering all over Dublin to knit and knatter, stitch and bitch, over coffee, tea and cocktails: ) This is a call out to all of you to join a knitworking group... Check out our Knit in the City page to find a group near you!