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One night only: lunarknit

Tonight, the moon will be 1,000K closer to earth. So in honour of some lunar watching, an impromptu “twitknit” will take place on Twitter. Just login on Twitter and join in with the twitknit folks. We’ve assigned the hashtag, #lunarknit and I’m tweeting as @TheDKC

Let us know, what you are knitting tonight, or if you are just enjoying the lunar brilliance.


The KNiT…

The KNiT is a new Dublin Knit Collective initiative for knitters to share their love and passion for knitting. The Dublin knitters already know that knitting is great!

We need to convince the others that knitting is not just a hobby anymore; for some of us we live and breathe the knitting lifestyle.

So participate any way you can and find ways to express your enthusiasm for The KNiT.

Follow the Dublin Knit Collective on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates.

If you are on Ravelry, join us in  The Dublin Knit Collective discussion forum.


unscheduled knit in the city…

Today’s knit in the city was unplanned and unscheduled. It started as a DKC tweet which developed into  a couple of hours of knitting at the IFI Cafe.

Take a look at what a few of the Dublin knitters are knitting…

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