We can not take your call right now….

Good morning Everyone. …

I am off to the annual Knitting and Stitching Show at the RDS. 

  • Stop by Stand A8 and take a spin on drop spindle or try your hand at a weaver’s loom
  • After 2:30pm bring your knitting because we gave four afternoons of knit n knattering

Knit, knit, knit will be happening

Photo copyright Helen Peyton 

I am absolutely delighted to announce The Dublin Knit Collective (The DKC) will be at the Knitting and Stitching Show from Thursday 20th October to Sunday 23rd October 2016. 

Photo copyright Knitworking.co.uk

The DKC will be hosting Knitworking, a good old fashioned stitch n bitch social.  Knitwork with us, meet old friends and make new ones. 

So, bring your knit or crochet WiPs (works in progress) and join me (@TheDKC) &  my knitterly friends everyday during the Show from 2:30pm. 

We will be spreading our love for Irish designers and Ravelry.com.  If you are familiar with DKC events, there will be a draw to win Ravelry promo codes for knitting patterns from LittlefellersLunasaSparkles-Glitters, and UnderMeOxter.

Photo copyright Shawn Clark

Don’t forget to follow @TheDKC and @jenheartrugby on Twitter everyday during the K&S Show.


Knit Socials in October

It’s a new month and our knit  social calendar is jammers! 

Updates for our Knitworking page are trickling in slowly and I am editing the information as I receive them.

Log in to Ravelry and check our Knitworking thread for updates and news of meet ups.

Tuesday 4th October, pop in and knit or crochet at the Rathfarnham Orchard from 3pm to 4:30pm. This group meet every other Tuesday. Con tact Siberianwhite thru Ravelry.

Saturday 8th October: The Constant Knitter invites knitters, crocheters and fiber felting folks to welcome and knitwork with a tour group from Russia. Bring your knitting and enjoy the afternoon from 2pm.

 Sunday 9th October join the Meet Up knitting group, Chick with Sticks at Costa Coffee on Dawson Street from 12 Noon. 

Sunday 9th October for the monthly Dublin meeting of the Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers. A social meeting with members of the Guild. Bring your wheel or drop spindle and spin…spin…spin….

Thursday 20th October to Sunday 23rd October:  Knitworking at the Knitting & Stitching Show. The Dublin Knit Collective is hosting a knit n knatter everyday from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Bring your wips, knit and meet your fellow knitter.


Last week of September 

I am trying to update the Knitworking page, a list of knitting and stitching groups in Dublin. I know you’re out there. If you know of any other groups please add them in the comments.

      Churchtown Yarn Crafts Group is still on the go. They are a group of knitters and crocheters who meet up every Monday night (Tuesday night if it’s a bank holiday on the Monday). 

     The venue is Glenside Pub, Landscape Road, Churchtown Dublin 14. The knittrs & crocheters start arriving between  7pm to 8pm and finishes 10pm. Their Ravelry page is not so up to date but take a look here and find out about the group or ask questions.

Save the dates for Social Knitworking in October….

image from www.knitworking.co.uk

Join the Dublin Knit Collective for 4 days of  social knitworking at this year’s Dublin Knitting and Stitching Show.
Dates & Times:
Thursday 20th October to Sunday 23rd October  from 2:30pm

Wondering what happened to Knit Café  at The Hopsack Friday evenings? Health Shop owner, Finn Murray tells The DKC that they are under renovation and expanding their space. He assures us that we will be welcome back in their larger premises  ( that means a larger café ) in 3-4 weeks time. We’ll keep you posted.


Following a  rainbow in Dublin…

I finally got my hands on Carol Feller’s latest book, Knitting with Rainbows.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Carol at This is Knit and again at The Constant Knitter . I learned so much about gradient yarns.

Burlington Blanks by Townhouse Yarns

Gradient Yarncakes by Fine Fish Yarns

Her travelling trunk show was a fantastic opportunity to see and feel the patterns in person.

This one is my favourite:


This coming week @TheDKC

I am exhausted from the previous weekend with Carol Feller, the Dublin WeaveSpinDye meeting and Knit Culture Night. I hope you enjoyed following us on Twitter & Instagram.

This week will be a quiet one for @TheDKC as I want to actually knit and progress my way thru  Avant L’orange shawl.

I plan drop to in at Sew and check out the new extended shop space as there’s more fabric and yarn!

photo from Sew

Also, I really need to update the list of knit groups in Dublin. So please, comment below if there are any groups that want to be promoted on The DKC.

I should be recovered by Thursday to join Knit Night at The Brooks Hotel.

Also, if you are looking for some weekend knitting groups there is the Knitters @ Accents on Saturday and Sunday join the Dublin Chick with Sticks at Costa Coffee on Dawson Street.


We, the Knitters…

I carry a knitting project in my handbag, and will knit anywhere. How do you respond to the curious when you take out your wip and start knitting?


This week with @TheDKC

I love our new weekly segment, This Week with @TheDKC,  knit & fiber social schedule and where to join  us or follow us on Twitter  &  Instagram 

Sunday 11th: the monthly meeting of the Dublin section of the Irish Weavers Spinners and Dyers at the usual time and place, The Constant Knitter from 2pm to 4:30pm. Also Carol Feller will be in the shop promoting her new book, Knitting Rainbows. 

Friday 16th September It is Dublin Culture Night and Jackie & I will be at The Constant Knitter sharing  the KNiT Culture love! 

Join knitters Jackie & Diane this coming Friday 16th September at The Constant Knitter from 6pm to 9pm.
Try your hand at KNIT & PURL with a couple of knitting needles and some yarn.

Meet the indie dyer behind , Ellie & Ada. The newest member at The Constant Knitter who will show you the magic of using a drop spindle and turning fluff into yarn.

Find out about Dublin’s Knit Culture… knitting groups, the online knitting community and contemporary knitting.



Star attraction at the Irish Craft Beer Festival 

I would like to think knitters were the star attraction at this year’s Irish Craft Beer Festival last Thursday evening.

For the past three years, Phil & Sue  from Mountain Man Brewing Co.have found a unique way to  bring knitters and craft beer enthusiasts to this annual event by hosting the one and truly Irish Pints n Purls event in Ireland.

A picnic table draped with a bright and cheerful crocheted themed table cloth

 is perfectly situated directly across from Phil…

as Sue knitworks with knitters who have brought their wips and sips from their beer glasses.

This year, Sue organised two prize sponsors, Dublin Dye and Stolen Stitches. What a great opportunity for a chance to win such amazing prizes.

I am always amused by the passerbys and the curious who admired and  commented on the colourful and thin yarn we were knitting with, it’s almost star-like quality attention.



Slip sliding away….

​I was sock knitting with a set of bamboo dpns until Buffy the Yarnslayer managed to get her teeth into it.

So I switched over to a set of KnitPro Zing circular needles, however, the yarn was not sliding easily along the needle and the join. I have no idea why this was an issue when I had knit another pair of socks using the same needle but with different yarn.

I stopped in to The Constant Knitter and picked up a set of HiyaHiya 2.5mm circular needles. One can never have too many circular needles especially these sharp pointed babies!