Tour de Fleece 2019

Hi Folks! Over at DKC's Headquarters, my other alias, the Urban Spinner is taking over as head honcho from now until the end of July. The spinner in me, is gearing up for my favourite summer event, Tour de Fleece Spin-Along which takes place during the Tour de France. I am adding a special theme… Continue reading Tour de Fleece 2019

Knit Knotes

Final Woolinn Notes

Hi Folks, Part 7 and the final blogpost of Planning my Way to Woollinn. Planning, organising and blogging about my Woollinn adventures from a Bullet Journalist perspective was an exercise in self-discovery. Just saying the word, Woollinn conjures ideas, thoughts, wishlists along with mental images - kinda like an Instagram grid in my head. It's… Continue reading Final Woolinn Notes

Knit Knotes

Insert Here.

Hi Folks, Welcome to the second blogpost of the series, Planning my Way to Woollinn 2019, which was originally posted over in the Eclectic Notebook. It's all about the physical set up of my Midori Traveler's Notebook. The yellow notebook or insert on the left is my every day Bullet Journal. I use Ryder Caroll's… Continue reading Insert Here.