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It’s Paddy, not Patty

It's that time of year when my social media timelines start the great debate...Paddy versus Patty. 1 ) Patrick = Pádraig = Paddy 2 ) St. Patrick's Day is on 17th March. 3 ) St. Paddy's Day is a national holiday here. 4 ) We never use Patty for Patrick = Pádraig = Paddy 5… Continue reading It’s Paddy, not Patty

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Made by Me Knit-Crochet-Sew Along 2018

The DKC will be starting 2018 with a crafting adventure of epic proportions... Let loose and join our first ever Made by Me Knit-Crochet-Sew Along which will run parallel to the feverish pitch of excitement within the Irish knitting community as we get closer the event of the season - Woollinn, Dublin's first indie yarn festival. We're making this… Continue reading Made by Me Knit-Crochet-Sew Along 2018

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Winter is coming, knit faster…

After the successful run of monthly Sunday Summer Knitting afternoons at The Constant Knitter, Rosemary has made these knit social gatherings a regular event now that winter is coming... Join the DKC this Sunday 17th September at The Constant Knitter from 2pm to 4pm. Then every last Sunday of the month: 29th October 26th November