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DKC Sock Club 2011

Welcome to The DKC Sock Club for 2011…

january sox6

Start off the New Year with a bit of organization, maybe some shopping for a set of DPNs or circulars, take a sock knitting class, peruse through Ravelry’s sock pattern database or buy some more sock yarn from your LYS.

The 2011 sock club theme is inspired by a blogpost written by the Yarn Harlot in which she describes the concept of a imposed sock club and what a creative idea to organize and plan your own sock kits for 2011.

Here is just a guideline for setting up your own self-imposed sock club.  Remember this is just an idea, so feel free to make up your own number of kits and adapt it as your own.

  • Gather all your sock yarn
  • Select 12 sock patterns
  • 12 zip lock baggies

Get 12 big ziplock baggies, and in each one put everything needed to make those socks.  If the pattern is in a book photocopy it, if it needs to be downloaded print it, if it is a pattern you need to purchase, then buy it.

Go through the stash and figure out what should go with what – then sealed up all 12 and put them away on a shelf a shelf in your cupboard, your mission if you shall accept it is to knit one pair a month or at your own pace, drawn at random.  Make up a variety of kits, some men’s socks, some ladies, some lace, some cable… at the end of the year you would have 12 pairs (at least) of socks.

Join the DKC Sock Club anytime of the year, membership is open to all knitters and crocheters and it’s free.

If you are interested in joining us for 2011, please leave a comment on our blog.


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