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The DKC DishCloth & Fairtrade Swap 2011

DKC Dish Cloth & Fairtrade Swap

We are launching our second DKC Dish Cloth & Fairtrade Swap to coincide with

Fairtrade Fortnight. This swap is to raise ecological and ethical awareness of fairtrade and organic products in Ireland. During the period of Fairtrade Fortnight 28 February to 13 March, create a package which will include a handknit or crochet dish cloth and some fairtrade and/or organic treats for your swap partner.

This swap is only open to members of the Dublin Knit Collective and Irish Knitters Ravelry groups. Participants must be residents of the Republic of Ireland.GUIDELINES:

1) Sign up for the swap by answering the questionnaire in the DKC DishCloth & Fairtrade Ravelry thread by Monday 21 February 2011.

2) Participants please send me a Ravelry PM or email your full name and mailing address to: dublinknitcollectiveATgmailDOTcom

3) Partners will be assigned by Friday 25 February 2011.

4) The dish cloth must be handknit or crochet with 100% cotton fiber.

5) Treats must be fairtrade or ethically/organically produced items and under TEN (10) euros (does not include cost yarn for the dish cloth). Treats do not necessary have to be a food item.

6) Ensure the package is sent to your swap partner by Friday 18 March 2011. General swap etiequette applies; if you are unable to meet this deadline please send me an email or Ravelry PM ASAP.

7) Oh yeah, this is a secret swap. Be creative, do a pattern search on Ravelry for dish or face cloths. Have fun searching for the fairtrade and ethically/organically produced items which are available throughout Ireland.

8) If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or Ravelry PM.

9) Show off your Fairtrade package by posting a photo on the Ravelry thread when you have received your swap package.

The Questionaire (copy & paste in the DKC DishCloth & Fairtrade Swap thread and post your answers)

The Questionnaire

1) Your Ravelry and Twitter (if applicable) name:

2) What are your favourite colour combinations?

3) What is your favourite beverage?

4) What is your favourite scent/flavours?

5) Do you have any aversions to a particular scent/flavour?

6) Do you like candy, chocolate, biscuits, or nuts?

7) When you are not knitting or crochet, what is it that you love to do?

8) Do you have any food related allergies? If yes, please list:

9) Name five things that you like.


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